Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I think more memories are made in summer than any other season.

It is so nice to have a summer where the weather has pretty much been nice (especially after the spring we had). We have soaked up the good weather- here are pictures from swimming at the Strandbergs yesterday as proof:

How relaxed does Hudson look? When your body fat is as low as his is, the life jacket helps with floating.

Can you see the missing teeth? The tooth fairy has been busy this summer. Another whole story...for another post if I remember someday.

How cute are these kids? What a blessing to have "big" kids - okay they really are teenagers now - that are willing to spend time with our little kids.
And speaking of these big kids, they are getting bigger- Happy Birthday Alison- today! And Happy (late) Birthday John (on the 4th).

Cross your fingers for us that we have more great summer weather, we leave tomorrow for a week at the beach.

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