Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Rose by any other name...

I always wanted to own a house on a street with a cute name. The house I grew up on was on Jacquelyn Street. Other than always having to spell it for people I liked the name. Then when Andrew and I bought our first house it was on 32nd Ave. in Milwaukie. Not the address you dream of when you are a word person like me. About a year after we moved to Milwaukie we decided (wisely) that we should move closer to Barlow so we started another house search. The name of the road was really important to me, and we did "move up" in the street name, but only to Eagle Lane. Not amazing, but better than a number I figured.

My plan was that our next house (probably in Damascus) would be on one of the streets there that have some names that I love. Unfortunately we just barely missed a couple of my favorites. Would you believe we are just one street away from Strawberry Lane? I have always loved that one. And my all time favorite is about a 1/4 of a mile, Sunshine Valley Road. How cute is that? But no, we live on Bohna Park.

And tonight the name got a little worse for me. A couple of days ago Ainsley and Hudson went to OMSI with Grandma and Grandad. Hudson was playing with dinosaurs and telling me a little about the dinosaurs he saw at OMSI. You see where I'm going with this don't you? He interrupts his information about the fossils with a light bulb moment. He says, "You know, we need to dig up our yard. There are definitely bones that got there under our grass because it used to be a desert and there are bones down there now. You know mom, because we live on Bone-Ah Park."

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MarySue said...

You might want to hide the shovels for a while. Check out your cute mom with the cousins here

The Aug. 23 post. I really enjoy reading your blog. Cousin Sue