Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Conflict Resolution 101

My shower was interrupted by, "Mom, Hudson is taking all the guys." The guys are the little Lego guys, mini-figs Nathan has told us they are called. We only have 4 so these little guys are precious commodities around out house.

I told Ainsley, "figure it out or when I get out the Legos will be put away for the day.

When I went in the playroom they were both sitting nicely playing with Legos. I commented, "good job figuring out how to share the guys."

Hudson says, "Yeah, we just hit each other for a few minutes until we could work it out."

Perhaps someday one of my darlings will be called to Camp David to negotiate Middle East peace talks.


Jenne said...

That is so funny!!! Yes, middle east peace talks are perfectly suited for those two.

Greg and Andrea said...

Greg and I loved it! Thanks for the laugh.

MarySue said...

My first out-loud laugh of the day. Your clever writing style and adorable children make for a great blog combo.