Tuesday, October 30, 2007

All this during one dinner:

Ainsley: (yelling just as "Amen" is said) He licked me during prayer!

Hudson: My elbow on my leg hurts. (your knee?)

Hudson: She didn't eat her apple and now it is roasting. (rotting?)

Tiffany: Why are you so excited about Halloween?
Hudson: Because you get Popsicles! (what?)

Hudson: (not wearing a shirt - we were having spaghetti, see previous post about laundry) Hey- I have three belly buttons! (ahhhh...no.)

And a phrase that is repeated at just about every meal by either parent, "Hudson quit doing things to bug your sister, and Ainsley, quit being so sensitive."


Jenne said...

Tiffany, why do you guys get all the cute funny kid sayings? I laughed aloud!

Jenne said...

I finally got a funny to blog!!