Monday, October 15, 2007

Don't tell the other kids UPDATE

Ainsley's second tooth was removed by the dentist with very little trauma. This is still amazing to me considering that up until Hudson started going to the dentist and doing great Ainsley almost had to be held down in the chair. As soon as she saw that he did so well it took away her ability to flip out over it. Hudson is hillarious, he sits down in the chair and opens his mouth so big a tennis ball would fit in it. They tell him he can close his mouth and wait until they are ready, but he doesn't. It is like he just can't process that, he believes sitting in the chair = open mouth.

Okay, back to the tooth. If you remember to last time Ainsley had decided that the tooth fairy was "just parents", and I wouldn't give her much money anyway so she was keeping her teeth. Well, the day before we were going to the dentist she told me that she decided she was going to save up all her teeth and put them under her pillow all at once so, "you will have to give me lots and lots of money." Later that day she came to me and told me she had decided to put her first tooth under her pillow because she would get a new one the next day, and that way she could add up how much she would get for all her teeth if she knew how much I would give her for one tooth.

She hadn't changed her mind by bedtime (a miracle in itself) and she put her tooth under her pillow. I had been preparing for this day since during fireworks by buying out all the gold Sacajawea dollars out of the till at the stand. I exchanged her tooth for one of the coins and hoped that gold dollar would be exciting enough to overcome the fact that another kid at school gets $5 for each tooth (she is right, I am too cheap for $5- come on we have three mouthfuls of teeth that are going to fall out. We need to be saving for braces.). Good news, she was thrilled the next day and actually put her new tooth from the dentist that day under her pillow to collect another gold coin. The lesson here is that by planning ahead and having something special I can only spend $1 instead of $5 on each tooth. Maybe if I start buying stuff and planning for her wedding now...

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Wilson Family said...

Tiffany, you're such a great mom! And your stories crack me up! Thanks for making me smile!