Monday, October 8, 2007

Rock Your World

Here is the picture I mentioned before from Oklahoma specifically taken for people at our church (Cornerstone). Andrew does the opening for church every once in a while and he used it for the opening yesterday. What he said for the opening is below.
A couple of weeks ago my 89 year old grandma went to be with the Lord. She lived the second half of her life in a body that was crippled by sever rheumatoid arthritis. So although I have a sense of loss that I don’t get to be with her now, I am so excited that right now she is in Heaven with my Grandad walking and enjoying eternal life without pain. The hope and promise of seeing my Grandparents again when I die and being in the presence of Jesus is an amazing promise to look forward to.

I’d like to share with you something from Randy Alcorn’s book Heaven, “By meditating on Heaven and learning to look forward to it, we don’t eliminate our pain, but we can alleviate it and put it in perspective. We’re reminded that suffering and death are only temporary conditions.”

Our family traveled last weekend to rural Oklahoma for my Grandmother’s service and we saw this picture-

Barry’s email this week brought up some of the reasons that he appreciates Cornerstone. Really, we do need to be a body that through the power of the Holy Spirit does rock the world. How can we rock the world? Praying, sharing our faith, letting people see the light and joy inside us. Resisting temptation, helping the less fortunate. Loving the Lord with all of our heart, soul strength and mind. And many other ways.

Every day we should be thinking and praying about how that day we can bring glory to God. So Cornerstone- Rock Your World!

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Greg and Andrea said...

Andrew, really appreciated your comments Sunday. My grandma also had severe rheumatiod arthritis (sp?). Not fun for her, or for use to see her go through it.
Glad to hear she is in her true Home!