Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hope for my grandchildren

Today Ainsley will wear her 7th Halloween costume, Hudson has had 4, and Camden will wear his first. That is a total of 12 costumes. Every single one has been purchased from a store. And I'm not going to kid myself, there is really no chance I will ever make a costume. If yesterday is any indication though, Ainsley's kids may be in luck when it comes to homemade costumes. She spent her after school "alone time" (that's another whole post in itself someday) making costumes for "Giraffy" and "Lovie." Lovie's costume is created from cut up pieces of her bride costume from last year. Don't worry, she hasn't used it for dress up since Hudson colored on it with marker. This is the only thing we were every happy Hudson destroyed because it broke her fascination with dressing up as a bride EVERYDAY. During her 4th year of life she had the pleasure of being in two different weddings. This led to a major fascination with being a bride, which we are happy is over because she repeatedly stated that she thought it was both sad, and not fair that you only get to get married once. Not really what we are trying to teach her about marriage. So, here are the only homemade costumes in our household:
I'm sure tonight's trick-or-treating will be fun for our kids in their store-purchased costumes. Stay tuned for the pictures.

Along with cute homemade costumes some people have decorated darling little pumpkin cookies. We made monster cupcakes. At least the Pate household is never boring.

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