Sunday, October 28, 2007

Favorite Sunday Moment

Today we came home from church and Hudson started freaking out that he needed his lizard. Lizard? What Lizard? We don't have, and will never have a lizard in our house. (We do have a beagle I will happily give away to anyone who will take her.) We went through all the toys we could think of that might be a lizard but couldn't think of anything. He was freaking out in that way where he couldn't quite even communicate with us because he so badly needed his lizard. Finally Andrew figured it out, last night on the way home from some friends house Ainsley got to get a treat from DQ for her last day of soccer, they went through the drive through and by the time they got home to eat it Hudson had fallen asleep in the car. He was looking for his BLIZZARD. Fortunately, it was found in the freezer.

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