Friday, March 14, 2008

3 for 3

This morning at about 1:15 am Ainsley got us to 100% as far as the percentage of our kids coming down with the plague. It is a real fun one, it comes with a variety of symptoms that children have trouble articulating. Rather than focusing on the fact that they have gotten sick one at a time so that by the time she is healthy I will have had sick kids for three weeks, I'm going to be happy that I have only had one really sick kid at a time. The other positive is that it started with Camden who was the neediest, and so at least I was fresh with energy for him. Ainsley is pretty easy sick, that is, once we made it through the, "wahh wahh but I want to go to school" drama.

Camden had fun today with Ainsley's sick paraphernalia. When you hate Kleenex like I do, your children are forced to have a roll of toilet paper by them to blow their noses on. That makes for a fun toy.

The other fun adventure he had was putting the bowl she had out in case she had to throw-up in on his head. The second picture is blurry, but he was actually walking into the table. Too funny. And no, she hasn't thrown up so the bowl that my child is putting on his head is clean.

But speaking of bowls and kids getting sick. You know, there are lots of things we celebrate kids learning how to do; walking, riding a bike, holding their own cups (oh maybe that is just us, since Camden STILL wont hold his own cup, but that is probably could be a post all by itself) but the skill that seriously deserves a party or something is when a child learns how to direct their puke into a bowl or toilet. In my humble opinion, that is a major life skill to aquire. If you don't think that is something to celebrate, it has been way too long since you have a child throw up, say, in your car. I had that pleasure just last Friday. And then we got to continue driving home, for twenty minutes, with the throw up. Good times. So as bad as I feel for Ainsley today, I am rejoicing in the fact that she has graduated to the class of humans that recognize the "I think I'm going to be sick" feeling and can take appropriate action in light of that knowledge. That is, unless her baby brother is currently using the bowl as a hat.


Ally said...

I said that very same thing about the throwing-up-in-a-bowl milestone in a post last year. THAT is a milestone worth celebrating, worth writing and the calendar and putting in the babybook. The joy!

Sorry your babes are sick. I hope you have avoided catching it yourself!

Pate Family said...

Oh- an entry in the baby book is a great idea!

Jenne said...

Tiff, i just laughed and chuckled and laughed through that whole post. Thanks for making me smile!