Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Anybody else have a big bowl of green mashed potatoes for dinner? It made me laugh as I was adding the green food coloring because, you know, there aren't enough actual green vegetables I could feed my children for dinner. Instead I will take a fake vegetable, boil out any tiny amount of nutrition they had, add some fat, then lace it with chemicals to turn it green. My children will gobble it down. And yes, there are cookies sprinkled with food coloring colored sugar in the background also. What? You've heard research about kids getting too much sugar and dye in their diets? We don't worry about that- because our kids are just so calm.'ve met my darlings? Another example of quality parenting people.

We mixed holidays and colored Easter Eggs today. We will be in Minnesota on Easter so the Easter Bunny is coming to our house a day early. Perfect timing to bring some treats for the drive to Seattle then the flight to Minneapolis. (yes-we are driving to Seattle and flying out of SeaTac rather than Portland because the tickets were $250 LESS per ticket! Although with the price of gas...)

(before you call the nutrition police on me-despite the green mashed potatoes I actually am careful about what my kids eat:) )


Ally said...

Green potatoes! Cookies! Easter-egg-dyeing! Your house looks like a kids' paradise!

Have a great trip to your sister's. And let me know if there's anything we can do to help while you're in Seattle (park at our house, give you a ride to airport, sleepover in case of delay, etc).

Anonymous said...

Green mashed potatoes - excellent idea! We made green orange juice to celebrate, but your idea sounds much healthier (and sneakier, as my kids won't eat their veggies either).

Jenne said...

Speaking of "green," I hope Ainsley is feeling better now!