Thursday, March 20, 2008

When did you become Buddhist?

Between rain showers we went for a walk tonight. Daddy won't be home tonight until after bedtime (parent conferences) and for some reason on nights when he is not home if there is something for the kids to fight over, they will. Picking out a leash for the dog was what they found to fight over tonight. Ainsley got the one she picked on the dog first, and Hudson chased her around with the one he wanted. When he realized he wasn't going to win, he yells to me (I was in the front putting the baby in the stroller-they were in the back getting the dog, but I could hear them), "Mom, would you tell Ainsley to use this one because this was my leash when I was a dog!"


Anonymous said...

I laughed outloud! Thank you for sharing that great story! Heather

Jenne said...

I laughed out loud, too! I kept wondering how the title would fit it. Wonder no more.

Barry said...

Where DO they come up with this stuff? So cute.