Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Favorite moments from the last couple of weeks

Ainsley's last day at Kelly Creek- they wrote her a book- it was so cute. Mrs. Taylor was the best!

Moving day-that is me driving that HUGE truck! And here was the shed moving- that was an adventure. Look at the color of the sky- we moved in February for crying out loud- could we have had a better day?

And here is the girl at the Deep Creek music program. She had been there for a total of 4 days, she didn't know all the words but faked it really well. She loved it and had a great time. We went out to Dairy Queen after the program and she sat at a table with two new friends from her class. We are still just amazed at how well she has done with moving. She loves her new school and new friends. I guess we can spend the money we had put away for therapy on something else! :)

And if you read the previous post about Camden being sick, here is the update: Monday morning I called the doctor to make an appointment to bring him in because (and this is a direct quote I said to Heather on the phone) "I know there is nothing they will do, he will send him home and tell me call back if he still has a fever in 3 days, but I would be a bad mom if I don't take him in because he is lethargic and has had a fever for 3 days." Well, Camden is going to join Ainsley and Hudson in the ongoing quest to make their mother look like a liar and an idiot often by always proving me wrong. Turns out he was actually pretty sick. We barely made it out of the doctor's office without being admitted to the hospital. He had a chest x-ray and blood test and eventually (after 2 1/2 long hours with Hudson with me) a couple of antibiotic shots. We went back today and got cleared. The nice thing about the shots is that they take care of everything, no 10 day, 3 times a day antibiotic to forget and feel guilty about. Our doctor is the best (Kevin Carpender) would you believe that he called on this morning before he had even gotten to the office to check and see how he was even though I was going in with him at 11 this morning? Anyway-the little punkin' is back up and running today. But this was definitely not a favorite moment.


Anonymous said...

I just love how your kids never cease to amaze you! What a true blessing that Ainsley has transitioned so well. Who would have thought? And, I'm so glad that Camden is feeling better. Poor guy!

Ally said...

Poor Camden! Good job listening to your mommy senses telling you to take him in. What a fabulous doctor you have!

Jenne said...

Wow! poor little Camden! Glad he is on the mend...I can't imagine the load of work that piled up while you were taking extra care of the kid...or did he do nothing but sleep-sleep-sleep?