Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Birthday and Congratulations!

That picture is of Andrew at last weeks district tournament. The shirt was a good choice. His team won the Mt. Hood Conference District Tennis Tournament for...get this... the fifth year in a row! His team hasn't lost a league match in over four years. And to top it off he was voted Coach of the Year. Today should be a great day for him. He is at the State Tournament, and it is his birthday! (Hooray- he is back to being older than me. I don't like the 2 months when we are the same age.) Finally good weather, for his last two days of tennis- it has been a rough spring for tennis weather wise. Did you catch the "last two days" part, do you know what that means? TennisisovertomorrowTennisisovertommorow! (In case you can't hear it through your computer I'm singing that over and over and doing a little dance.) It will be nice to, you know...see him.

Here he is with Randy Alcorn and Scott Anderson, both incredible guys who invest so much in the tennis team. What luck guys the kids on their team are to have these three investing in their lives. I hope there are people like this around for my kids when they are in High School.

Here they are with their trophy. Congratulations and Happy Birthday sweetheart.


Anonymous said...

Wow Andy!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! That is so great. Coach of the year? I'd say that is a big honor. Happy Birthday old man! We love you!
The Magnusons

Greg and Andrea said...

good work coach. I am around you quite a bit, but I never truly realized how good the team is. Another sign of a quality leader. That coach picture looks like an all-star team!


Ally said...

Very very cool! And great pictures. Happy birthday to Andy.