Monday, May 19, 2008


I think I've mentioned before that Ainsley has made Hudson repeat The Sinner's Prayer over and over again beginning when he could barely talk. I remember him barely being 2 and her making him fold his hands and try and repeat, "Dear Jesus, I know I'm a sinner and I want you to forgive me and live in my heart..." and he would mumble along, trying to please her, then get tired and poke her in the eye or something. Sometime around Christmas I told her she needed to stop making him do that so when he decided he wanted to do it on his own he would understand it. Well, last Saturday morning he crawled in bed with me and first asked if we could hear God talking. He has been processing "God talking" and how God wrote the Bible for awhile now. So we talked for a little bit and then he said, "can you tell Jesus to come and live in my heart?" I told him that was something he needed to do himself. So he said, "okay" and then said the little prayer asking Jesus to live in him all by himself. It was so sweet. He then spent the next couple days telling everyone, "Hey- I'm a Christian."

A few days later he asked me, "What do Christian's do?" Good question. So I told him now his job was to glorify God in everything he does, and I explained what glorify means (as best I could to a 4 year old) and then told him part of that is he now needs to tell other people about Jesus. The next day he came in to talk to me and said, "I've got a great idea" (a good percentage of the things Hudson says begin with that phrase.) He went on to say, "We should make baskets, go ring people's doors, then run away, then run back when they open the door and tell them about Jesus." Maybe getting May day and door to door evangelism mixed up isn't a bad strategy!

Fast forward to yesterday at church. We were asked to think of, then pray for one person who doesn't know Christ yet. Ainsley was sitting on my lap and asked her who she was going to pray for. Her response was, "Well, Hudson's taken care of, so now I'm going to worry about Camden. I don't want him to go to Hell." Camden is just starting to learn some words, I'm pretty sure I can predict some words Ainsley will be working on with him.

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