Monday, May 5, 2008

We didn't move far enough out in the country for this.

Last week I was laying into Hudson about having better aim when he is using the bathroom. I know that this is hardly a unique problem with little boys, but it is driving me crazy. I brought him into his bathroom and explained as I made him wipe up the floor that if he doesn't do a better job of keeping his bathroom clean, we will lock the door and he can't have his own bathroom anymore. (he has a bathroom all to himself off of his bedroom) So when just a few days later I am tidying up bathrooms I notice evidence of carelessness I bring him in the bathroom for another little chat. Here is how it went...

Me: What happens if you can't make your pee just go in the toilet?

Hudson: You will just lock up my bathroom.

Me: Yep, so lets clean this up and do a better job okay?*** (thinking the conversation is over)

***In the interest of honesty-my actual words may have been a little stronger and a bit grumpier.

Hudson: So if you lock my bathroom I will have to use Ainsley's.

Me: I guess

Hudson: And if I then pee on her floor then I'll have to use yours.

Me: Yeah, I guess (concerned that this conversation is going places I didn't mean for it to go)

Hudson: And then -big pause- (you can at this point see the little light bulb that has gone on over his head and he is clearly SO happy about the thought he has just had) if I pee on your floor I can just pee on the trees outside and that won't be a problem for me at all!

Maybe not a problem for you, but for the rest of us...


Jenne said...

Awww! come on Tiff! Everybody needs at least one of "God's trees" in the backyard!! Just yesterday I spied Jackson, completely bare-bottomed, aiming at the designated tree. SOOOOO much nicer than tracking mud in the house, only to miss the toilet. I figure I avoided TWO messes there!

Ginger said...

That is HILARIOUS!!! Oh, they are so clever, aren't they? I found you from Jenne's blog and enjoy reading about another Mommy's life.

Wilson Family said...

That's great Tiffany! =) If you ever master that whole little boys getting their pee in the toilet thing - please let me know!!