Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yeah... so...?

Conversation in our car on the way home from Costco this morning:

Hudson: Mommy can we go out to lunch?

Me: No honey, we are going home.

Hudson: Pleeeeaaaaaase can we go out?

Me: No, and that is your one appeal. So we are done talking about this.

Hudson: Okay, I'm not asking again, but why can't we go out today?

Me: Because we have food at home to eat and we actually went out to lunch yesterday. And now we really are done.

Hudson: Yeah, but yesterday doesn't count because IT WAS RAINING!



Hi Tiffany! This is Hannah! I thought the conversation you had with Hudson was really cute! You're a great mom! I'm going to start asking my mom to go out for lunch! "Mom can we go out for lunch?" Bye-bye!

Ally said...

"This is your one appeal." This phrase is now added to my list of phrases to say to my kids. :)

Anonymous said...

I too have begun using the "This is your one appeal," in my house too. Works like a charm. Thanks Tiff.