Monday, September 1, 2008

1968 was a good year

Last month we got to celebrate my parents 40th anniversary, and now this month we got to celebrate Andrew's parents 40th anniversary as well. Our parents weddings were only two weeks apart!

We celebrated by having a party for Jim and Arlene in their new house on Sunday. They invited some of their friends over for dinner. Everyone had a great time.

Our only trauma was when Camden locked himself in a bathroom. Typical. He was rescued by Andrew's lock picking skills pretty quickly. When someone asked him where he learned to pick locks, his response was, "we have to be pretty creative to live on one income."

Happy Anniversary Jim and Arlene!


Tennille said...

My only question is - If Andy is so good at picking locks, why couldn't he pick the lock when he was locked inside the gate aka "Alcatraz?" (see earlier posting).

Love you guys! Tennille

Jenne said...

I had no idea Andrew had that kind of "creativity" in him!