Tuesday, September 2, 2008

School Days

Here is your traditional back-to-school post. This morning I sent off Ainsley to her first day of 2nd grade. We followed that up with taking Hudson to his first day of preschool. And mom did fine, no tears even, thanks for asking.

There is something so cute about little kids with their backpacks. The thought of all the fresh school supplies in their backpacks makes me so happy. I think school supplies are one of the main reasons I became a teacher. I love new crayons, markers, brand new, sharpened pencils (especially if they are Ticonderoga-they really are the only kind of pencils worth having-I'm a pencil snob) and glue that has yet to get all gunky. It was REALLY hard for me to let Ainsley organize her own pencil box, I really wanted to do it. She really wanted to do it herself. I let her, but it hurt a little.

Ainsley was still okay with me taking her into her class, and even was okay with a picture in her room.

When I went to leave I asked her if there was anything else she needed. She said, "A hug." That is when I almost cried.

When she came home and was unpacking her (mostly uneaten) lunch I asked her if she read the note I had put her in her lunchbox. She said, "mom, about that, I don't really have time to eat lunch because I'm so busy with my friends. So I really don't have time to read notes from you." That was when I was glad I hadn't shed any tears over her leaving for the day.

And Hudson was okay with me taking his picture in his classroom as well, although he couldn't quite bring himself to tear his eyes away from all the stuff and kids in the class to look at the camera for 1/100th of a second.

When we were talking last night about good behavior at school and making good choices he said, "yeah, and I'll even leave my shirt on all day." Your teacher would probably appreciate that.

When he came home he told me, "I made new friends with everyone in the class, but I only know two of the new friends names so far." When we were getting ready for bed tonight he said, "I can't wait for next morning so I can go to school!"

Even though he wasn't going to school, Camden managed to acquire attention this morning as well. I had him in the stroller for both of the school drop offs for containment. He doesn't love that, so he would take off a shoe and throw it on the ground and then yell, "SHWWOOO" really loud so someone would pick up his shoe and talk to him. After the second time of that I just picked up the shoes and put them in the stroller bag. So then he would point to his barefoot and yell "SHWWOOO" again really loud to get attention for the fact that his mother didn't have shoes on him. It was great. (this whole little routine happened at both schools.) Here he is in the paring lot right after leaving Hudson. I put his shoes on and he instantly went to take them off again. Anyone know of a preschool for 20 month olds?


Ally said...

I love this post. The photos are fantastic; your kids are so cute. And I understand your love of school supplies. I was very disappointed that Eleanor's list was very small this year. It didn't even contain pencils or crayons! Isn't that just wrong?

Jenne said...

Your kids are so funny!!! Oh my goodness! i giggled through this whole post. And i think they have something for 20-month-olds... its called foster care. That being said, Camdon, I think you are safe to throw your shoes any which way at any given point cause you are too darned cute to give away.

Barry said...

What a kick! Ainsley sure knows how to keep you humble.