Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Time Such As This

Living with a Political Studies teacher who is a political junkie makes it impossible for me to not hear lots of political stuff. And for the most part I like it. But I've not been excited at all this year because I don't like John McCain. He beat out my guy Huckabee. Now there is Sarah Palin...I'm a bit conflicted because I think moms should be home with their kids. But...I love her. It is one thing for someone like me who has never been faced with a unplanned pregnancy, a child that is not "perfect" in the eyes of the world, or a daughter facing an unplanned pregnancy to be pro-life. But she is someone who has LIVED pro-life. I watched her on stage last night holding her clearly down-syndrome little boy and thought about how babies lives will be saved because of this family. I read her quote after they introduced their baby a few days after he was born and she said at first she was sad, but now feels blessed that God chose them to have this child. Even if she and McCain don't win the White House, if one baby is saved because of their courage that is much more significant victory.

If you watched her speech last night did you not think her youngest daughter holding the baby, then licking her hand to smooth the baby's hair down was about the cutest thing? One of my favorite things is watching Ainsley or Hudson do something nurturing for their baby brother. It is just precious.

I never thought I'd be excited to watch a Vice-Presidential debate. But watching her take on Biden...(Oct. 2) I think I'm more excited for that than I am for The Office season premier (Sept. 25 in case your wondering). And that is saying something.


Jenne said...

Wow! thta IS saying something. Palin is quite a smart pick, huh?

Greg and Andrea said...

I don't know a single person who didn't just love the slicking down the baby's hair shot. So cute.