Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Still MORE Hudson...

For a pre-school project (he is so proud that he has homework!) Hudson had to make a petal and decorate it with things that are his favorites and a picture. As we were filling it out I asked him his favorite color. He said, "All of them in the whole world EXCEPT pink and purple."

And another one:

I was in brushing my teeth and Hudson came in and said, "are these my teeth that already fell out?" (pointing to his teeth- Ainsley is in that stage where every tooth in her mouth is pretty much wiggly, and consequently hurts so there is LOTS of drama and talking about teeth falling out.) I told him, "no, your teeth will fall out in a year or two, you still have your baby teeth." He said, "No, these are not called baby teeth. They are just short teeth." I guess when you are 4 and a half baby is pretty much the worst thing you can be called!

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