Sunday, November 9, 2008

A fun party- catching up

So I have been behind it getting pictures off my camera. So behind, in fact, that these pictures are from September. They were too fun to not post just because they weren't current.

You would think the best part of this party was the pool- it was so fun, the edge looks like it drops off and it has an amazing view.
The rock wall slide was also a fun addition.
But the best thing (especially for Hudson) was that they have one of the two original bat mobiles from the TV show. Hudson was so amazed.
Posted by PicasaThey also have this touring bus that is from Yellowstone Park- evidently it was from before it was a National Park because it only says Yellowstone Park on the side. Cool stuff.

When we left Hudson said, "I want to come back to this place and have my birthday party here." I'm afraid they don't rent out their house sweetheart.

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Jenne said...

who on earth owns this place? how fun! (you feeling better? we missed you today at church.)