Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day-the story with 2 punchlines

Dinner conversation tonight:

Ainsley: So tomorrow is Veteran's Day. That is why there is no school.

Hudson: What is Veteran's Day?

(conversation explaining Veteran's Day)

Ainsley: Do we know any Veterans?

Daddy: Yes, Grandad was in the Navy and Grandpa was in the Army.

Mommy: And you remember Uncle Larry right? He spent his whole career in the Navy. (now he is onto career #2 as a WA State Rep.) For part of the time he was the Captain on a battleship called the USS Iowa. It is a big deal.

Hudson: Is that ship a big one?

Mommy: Yes, I got to go on it while he was captain. It was so cool.

Hudson: Too bad he's not a girl so I could marry him.

Mommy: (laughing) Because it is so cool that he was on a big ship?

Hudson: Yeah, 'cause then I could be a pirate.

Edited to add: My Aunt Lois told me that my Uncle Byron is also a vet- somehow I missed that in the family history. He was in Vietnam for a tour. That means all three of the boys in my dad's family were in the service. I've thought today about what it would be like when my boys are older and if they will consider the military. When I told Hudson about Uncle Byron he wanted to know if he still had a gun. If Hudson could enlist today he would.


Jenne said...

That cracked me up! Thanks for the laugh!!

Alicia said...

That's hilarious!