Friday, November 7, 2008

We've had better weeks...

One of my favorite worship songs right now is Blessed Be Your Name. I've thought about it quite a bit this week. It is sometimes much easier to sing Blessed be Your name when "the streams of abundance flow" and were in the "land that is plentiful." This week I got to focus on still singing it even when it seems more like "the road marked with suffering" and "the darkness closes in." All the little things we dealt with this week are hardly suffering when compared with what many people are dealing with. Still, they are not fun. What is good is having the opportunity to trust God regardless of what is going on, and bless His name whatever comes our way.

And now I'll go ahead and use the Internet to complain to about our week. 1. The renter that is in our Gresham house (we didn't sell it when we moved, we thought it was the bottom of the market at that time *HAHA* and so we would keep it a year or so and sell when the market recovered a bit) lost his job so they are having trouble paying rent. (he is a sheet rocker/mud worker- not the best time for construction work)
2. My refrigerator quit working- still under warranty fortunately- but the company can't find one of their service people to come and fix it so we are now on day 6 without it.
3. Two days after finding out our house renters deal, the renter we have in the condo (before Ainsley was born we decided a great college plan would be to buy a rental for each child...good plan... but we've never made it past the one... how far will one condo rental go with three kids tuition?) called and told us he was in financial trouble and couldn't pay rent and would move out in the next week or two. Great. The good thing is he has lived there for 6 years. The bad thing is he is a single guy that is not what you would call a great housekeeper. So it's going to take a bit to have it ready to rent again. Hopefully we can find someone soon.
4. Last night for some reason I lost my voice. (I'm not sick really) Good times parenting without a voice. Just a little thing that makes for a long day.
Anyway- thanks for letting me vent Internet.
I'll just keep singing (in my head, without a voice) Every blessing you pour out I'll turn back to praise. When the darkness closes in Lord, still I will say, Blessed be the Name of the Lord, Blessed be your glorious name.


Wilson Family said...

Wow! What a week! Hope your weekend is full of blessings!

Megan said...

I'd be happy to help you out with cleaning the rental house. Call me if that would be helpful to you!
I think that we can really grow and learn a lot from the hard times, especially if we can turn our attention to God's goodness and faithfulness, as you are. And if we take each situation as though it is one given from the Lord for a reason (It's not a mistake, but an opportunity to glorify God) we can really grow. Hope that didn't sound preachy, I just have some personal experience in this area lately :)

Greg and Andrea said...

Could I watch Camden for you one of your Mon,Tues,Wed preschool mornings so you could get some things done?


Cynthia Strandberg said...

Thanks for being so real! Sometimes life is just hard. Its good for all of us to know everyone feels the "pinch" of living in a fallen world now and again. I think I'll find myself singing Blessed Be Your Name a little more often this week and I'll send up a prayer for you!

Isiah 25 1-5

Jenne said...

What a week, Tiffany!! Ugh.

Ally said...

That stinks. All of it. But living without a fridge for 6 days? How does that work?

I love that worship song, too. Thanks for getting it stuck in my head... it's a good one to have stuck there.

Alicia said...

What a tough week! I definitely feel your frustration and worry.

I used to sing that song out loud at 3am in the hot tub outside last year when my stomach hurt so badly that I coudn't sleep. (As you know, it turned out that my appendix had burst). It was a lesson for me to praise Him even when I wasn't feeling blessed. Looking back on it now, I wouldn't trade it.

We learned in our Beth Moore Bible study this week that the larger the problem seems, the bigger the opportunity is for God do amazing things and show His glory. Hang in there! He's not going to let you down.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for getting such a wonderful song stuck in my head!
P.S. Sorry about your week!