Sunday, January 25, 2009

And to think I was complaining again today about the cold.

2 inches of snow in Damascus today and I'm complaining about the cold. Then again Nathan helps me out and shows me why I have NOTHING to complain about. He may put the companies that make sleds right out of business. Here is my brother-in-laws 6th installment in his Minnesota cold series:


Jenne said...

Oh. My. Word!! That was incredible. And Tenille... poor, poor Tenille. She has obviously outgrown Nathan's series, huh?

Honestly, I want to know how a mom of small kids even attempts to venture out to do simple things with the kids, like taking them to the bus stop, or grocery shopping, or anything!

Ally said...

I'm glad to know that he's at least having fun and making the most of it. "My wife wouldn't come out here so I guess I'll do this on my own." Umm.... yes, I can see why she won't come out! Did you say negative 27 degrees with wind chill!? How are his fingers even staying on when he takes his gloves off!