Thursday, January 29, 2009

Application of the Sunday School Lesson

Andrea taught Sunday School last week and she talked about earning rewards in heaven. We had a couple of cute stories related to the lesson.

First, she had a bag that she took "treasures" from. Things like a toy car, play jewels, a label maker (one of my most precious treasures too!) an ipod and a little toy basketball. If you have ever been around my family before, or read my blog even once you probably know what happened when she brought out the ball. Camden starts saying, "my ball, my ball" over and over. Amazingly he didn't yell it out, so I was pleased. The best part though, is a little while into the lesson Hudson leans over to me and whispers, "I'm totally going to win the ipod." I think he was hoping for a game show lesson Andrea.

But my favorite thing is Ainsley did transfer the lesson to a real life situation. We had babysitters on Sunday afternoon (thanks sweet Strandberg kids) and while I was picking them up Andrew was having the "be calm, be obedient" babysitter talk with the kids. He was having them come up with ideas of how they could be kind and helpful and Ainsley asked, "What of these things will earn me treasures in Heaven?"

I'm not sure you'll get treasures for obeying babysitters, but it will keep you out of trouble here on earth.

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Greg and Andrea said...

Ha-ha! That's great. I'm glad at least some aspects of the lesson sunk in. :) And, Hudson, sorry for the false hope and disappointment. I don't think Greg would have appreciated it if I had auctioned off his "treasure," earthly as it may be.