Friday, January 16, 2009


While I'm happily enjoying the fact that my boys are again playing outside on this sunny January day, my sweet sister is not so lucky. It is sunny in Minnesota- but they aren't leaving the house. It was -19 at one point today. A couple of days ago she was hoping they would make it UP TO zero! Nathan added to his series of "It's so cold in Minnesota that..." movies. He has done things like make Tennille go outside with wet hair so it will freeze straight up, pound a nail with a banana that was outside, and blown bubbles that instantly freeze and become little balls. My favorite however is throwing the cup of boiling water up in the air- very cool what happens. The one he did last night is pretty funny, who knew you could break a shirt?


Jenne said...

i just watched the series. Tenille sounds THRILLED with the frozen hair one. "There. Are ya happy?!" Hilarious!

Ally said...

This made me laugh so hard! Thanks for the laughs, and perspective!

Ally said...

Okay now I watched all of them. The frozen hair and Tenille saying "are you happy now!" is really funny. I like the bubbles best, though, it looks like fun (though I'm happy it's not cold enough here to try it!)