Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pronoun Confusion

When you have small children and they say something funny everyone tells you, "are you writing this stuff down?" I now can say "yes" because I'm keeping track of them on my blog. My Grandma Moon kept a diary for most of her adult life. If the national weather service ever wants to know the history of the weather in Milton-Freewater Oregon for about 60 years we have a daily eye witness record. She has records of her kids lives, and so I've decided that even if no one reads my blog, this is sort of my version of my grandmas diary. I've found a service that will actually print out your blog into a book. Someday maybe I'll get around to that. In the mean time here is a recent funny kid story.

Camden is confused about his pronouns. When he wants to be picked up he stands at your feet, reaching up and yells, "Hold It, Hold It." This is sometimes changed to "Pick it up, pick it up!"


Jenne said...

I love it!

Leibyclan said...

So cute. I love hearing how their language develops! Tennyson does similiar substitutions... "take froggy with you?" when really she means 'me'. Cool thing that you found about printing blogs. Will you share it?

Wilson Family said...

Oh man! That was my plan to make millions....figure out a program so that people can print out their blogs! That's my main reason for blogging too. It seems to be journaling/scrapbooking all in one. I'm hoping that it will be a great way to remember all of those cute moments with young kids. What's the program called?