Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A good dad makes his kids birthday cake

I already wrote about Hudson's birthday, but since I'm stuck here in the snow I have time to do more! (aren't you happy!) I'm down at my Dad's office answering phones (I'm quite the receptionist) so I uploaded a couple more pictures. Because of the snow there was no school last Tuesday on Hudson's birthday which turned out great because our whole family was able to go to JJ Jump together which is exactly what Hudson wanted to do for his birthday. The only glitch in his day was he planned on bringing Transformer cupcakes to school on his birthday, which of course didn't happen. I did have a couple of tutoring students come that afternoon, so during that time Daddy came to the rescue and made Hudson a Transformer cake. It was great. Here it is:

I'm not sure the picture does it justice... It was so funny- he stuck one of Hudson's transformers in it, then part of a transformer package, then tried to make flames (?) out of a green frosting tube and chocolate chips. It was really funny. The great thing was that Hudson LOVED it. Andrew and I just laughed as Hudson talked about how great it was. And what is more funny is he wasn't impressed AT ALL with the fish cake that I made for his party. Here is what it looked like:

What Hudson will remember is that his dad made him a transformer cake. My kids are so blessed to have such a great dad! (cake decorating skills are not required to be a good dad :) )

And just for fun here is a picture of the kids at JJ Jump. What a fun birthday!

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Greg and Andrea said...

That is great! Love it. Way to go, Pops!

(I'm impressed by your fish cake, Tiffany.)