Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who says my life isn't a party?

We play party games around here all day long. Mad Gab to be specific. Have you played this game before? You repeat some random words over and over until you and your teammates figure out an actual phrase that sounds like the random words. For example (actually off a cereal box) "Folk is Son's Cool" say it over and over until you figure out it says, "Focus on School."

Living with Camden right now is like a non-stop game of Mad Gab. He tells you something and you need to either do what he is telling you, or if it is just a comment, he wants you to repeat it back to him. And he KNOWS if you really understand what he said and are repeating it correctly or if your faking it by saying some random words that sound about right. This morning it took me all of breakfast before I finally let him down out of his high chair so he could show me what he was saying because all I could get was, "A icky house is on a flying flea." No matter how many times I said it I couldn't figure it out.

Can you figure it out? The flying is what threw me off- Turns out it was, "A Mickey mouse on the Christmas Tree."

Party games at the Pate house 24/7.


Jenne said...

That got me giggling!! And Wow! nice 8-word sentence. Phew! Weston added "Bye Mama" to his repetoire (sp?) this week. I can now officially tell Dr. C that, YES!, he does string two words together. (I still laugh at the comment you left on my blog a while back about Hudson's two word phrase "no-no" ...)

Oh, and I think you mean "Mad GAB" not "Mad LIBS"

Pate Family said...

Oh your right- it is mad gab- I changed it! Weston will probably end up being your most verbal boy!