Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This may make you tired.

My parents roof is flat, super cool when it is nice weather because they have a deck up there that has an amazing view. The quantity of snow we have in M-F right now however made us a touch nervous with the roof though. Fortunately Tennille and I married well because our industrious husbands went up there and took care of it. We are even more fortunate because Nathan captured the whole thing on video and made this movie. It is only one minute long, be warned you might be motivated to go out and scoop snow. Or you might be more motivated to go get a cup of hot chocolate and sit by the fire. Whatever sounds good to you.


MarySue said...

I'm sure you'll all sleep better knowing you're safer now. What a heroic effort that shoveling was!!! Also, I think I need to thank you for your efforts in putting together our Geiss Girls DVD. I love it. Merry Christmas. I'm sure you'll be loving the Christmas Eve program at church tonight...especially when Tammy and Bob sing their duet. I wish I could be there with all of you.

Dianna said...

That was extremely cute. I know Corey feels for them since he had to do the same while we were in Big Bear. I love the glimpses of Paul supervising. I am sure Paul will be getting a snow blower some time soon for christmas from a few son inlaws :o)

Sorry we missed the holiday's with you. For sure we'll be together next year!!

Jenne said...

Ryan's words half-way through the video: "they must be EXHAUSTED!! That is SO MUCH SNOW!"