Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Camden

Dear Camden,

I just put you to bed as a one year old for the last time. I can't believe my baby is two. I have to write a birthday post to you when your in bed, because heaven only knows the chaos that would ensue if I tried to sit down and write at the computer when you are awake.

Speaking of bed, when we put you to bed we sing Jesus Loves Me. Most of the time it is really cute because you are learning to sing along, rather than just sing "ball, ball, ball" over and over with the song. But sometimes if you don't want to go to bed, as we are heading there you start yelling, "NO JESUS, NO JESUS" over and over. We're hoping there is not long term theological implications for you because of this.

Back when you were turning one, we thought we knew you. But this year, from one to two, we have really gotten to know you. As you are learning to talk, we are learning more and more about what is going on in that little head of yours. You talk SO MUCH. Way more than your siblings did at this age, which considering how much they talk now is enough to make us wonder if we are going to have to do something like have a timer at dinner to give everyone an allotment of talking time. This is one very chatty household. (and I know I have pointed it out before, but genetically you and your siblings are pretty much pre-destined to talk quite a bit.) Just this last month you have started telling us what to do, today in the car you told me, "too hot mommy, turn off." And when we sit down to eat dinner you are quick to tell us, "Cut it daddy, cut it daddy" over and over until it is done to your satisfaction.

You can count to thirteen all by yourself and you really surprised us a couple of months ago when you started joining in with Ainsley and Hudson saying the books of the old testament as they were memorizing them. The best part is when I was having you repeat them and we got to Ecclesiastes and unlike all the rest where you just repeated the word to the best of your ability, you paused and then said, "no." Not going to try that one. Your favorite to say is Ruth, or "Rooff" as you say it.

Your ultimate way of showing affection is giving a high-five. Although you call it "high-pife" and you have to hit someones hand about ten times in a row when they leave our house. You are sweet and cuddly and so friendly to other people. You are always willing to be held and cuddled by just about anyone. I wasn't even shocked this weekend when you willingly just hopped up on Santa's lap and didn't even blink an eye that we were putting on on the lap of a strangly dressed man that you had never seen before.

It is amazing that I'm almost to the end of this letter and I haven't mentioned balls yet. I thought Hudson loved balls, but you my little friend are crazy about balls. You don't play with any toys, all you do is kick and throw balls. If daddy is watching a basketball game you will sit up by him and become absolutely engrossed, (I'm just going to take a minute right now to pray for your future wife) as soon as a commercial comes on though, you hop down and do something else until the game is back on. I love the way you say basketball, it is "ba ket- ball," really fast.

You are so smart, funny, and cute. No matter how big you get I hope I never forget the feeling of you snuggling into my neck. I love when I'm carrying you and you are cold and you fold up your hands and put your chin down on your chest as you squeeze in tight to me. I love when you have something that you don't want someone to take away that you lay down on the floor on top of the prized object. I love how you say "hi" to people and objects constantly in this cute little sing song voice. "Hi punkin', hi meow cat, hi Ainsley, hi Hudson..." I love that whenever we are standing in line in the store now and you see candy you yell "trick-or-treat" over and over. I love how brave and tough of a little kid you are (although I know that will lead us to the ER quite a few times in the future). I love how you and Hudson are starting to play together and how you want to do whatever he is doing. I love how you adore Ainsley. I love how active and busy you are even if it means you keep me really active and busy.

I know God has great things planned for you little boy. I love you. Happy second birthday.

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