Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In case you thought I was kidding, here is more proof.

You think I'm exaggerating when I have told you over and over how much Camden likes balls right? All we got him for his birthday was balls and hoops. (as if there aren't already enough in this house)So he opened his presents and played for a bit, then we sat down at the table to sing to him and have cupcakes.

You know what happened don't you.

He was good with the song and even blowing out the candle. But he couldn't be bothered with eating his cupcake, just licked a little frosting and then was "ALLDONEALLDONEALLDONE" because he wanted to get down and play with his new balls and hoop more.

Maybe we should do the cake before the presents at his birthday party this Saturday.

He is also cracking me up because he likes to bring me paper and a pen and tells me to draw "ba-ket-ball" and then "fut-ball" then "hoop" over and over, in that order. Just seeing my pathetic drawings on paper make him happy. This is one funny kid.

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