Sunday, December 28, 2008

Turkey dinner anyone?

There is actually a flock of wild turkeys that live around my parents house. They are huge and really funny when they fly. (I didn't know they turkeys flew I guess). They look like they are crashing when they fly up into a tree. Camden really likes animals, but can't quite figure out how to classify these strange looking things. Birds to him are little. He keeps meowing at them.


Jenne said...

Tiffany, you guys coming back by Tuesday? Ryan wants to invite Andrew (and the whole family, if you are interested) to watch the Ducks in some bowl game they are playing in. Give us a call!

Ally said...

Tiffany, also let me know if you're going to still be in MF later this week, b/c we're coming down for New Year's.

Re the turkeys-- last year we drove up my parents' driveway and there was a dead turkey sprawled out in the front lawn. The one my dad shot. In the front lawn. I told him not to call me when he's behind bars.